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We support people in medium-sized and large companies through applied digitization.

Make the best decisions!

Our History

The Start is 2018

One part of the founders is on a sail trip, the wind in their hair and the sunshine on the faces.

„When I think about how much time employees waste documenting audits in Excel or worse by hand, it really frustrates me hard! This could be done so much more efficiently and better!“

“You would have to have an app that maps all of these audit processes.”,

Two founders say to each other, the idea is born.

Tight Sails

2020 the realization

The team is complete and we start to build the Benchmark Audit Software. 

„Let’s build what we have since ever been dreaming of!“

The first customers, in the pre-development phase, already rely on our expertise.

The times when we did “monkey business” are definitely over. Employees have to work in a way that creates value.

Manuel Fischer
Our Team

Specialists from the domains of digital, quality, education and leadership

Manuel Fischer
CEO and Digital Transformation Expert
Priscila Silva Fernandes
CSO and Consultant
Bastian Schittkowski
CTO and Developer
Mirko Nowak
COO and Consultant

Strong networks for excellent companies

Medical Valley

Medical Mountains

Campus Founders

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