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More than Audit Software

Data analytics & Consultancy

We offer cloud based software solutions that easily adapt to any size of organization. Our product Owlytic Audit thinks of the audit process as a PDCA cycle and connects all audit participants in a simple way. Using our sophisticated data analytics, we translate written findings into graphs as a carryover into the business context.

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Cloud Application

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The    Services

Modular Cloud Software

Our software is available to you regardless of device, operating system and your location.

No complex installation for IT administrators necessary – Plug&Audit.

Pay only for the features that add value, if you need more features, just add them.

Worldclass Customer Service

You and your satisfaction are our top priority.

We listen to you and your wishes and work in a cooperative way on the continuous development of our services.

Experts Consulting

We are experts in the fields of quality, management and education. You can benefit from this expertise with the help of our consulting services.

No matter if audits, trainings or KeyNotes with us you are surely at the right place.


Intuitive benchmark audit software developed by experts to help you as an auditor. We understand the challenges of daily auditing from the field and used our expertise to integrate audit processes into a PDCA cycle.

With smart features and tools, adapted to the specific needs of each auditor, we offer you the best possible support in conducting audits.

The goal is to improve data quality when performing audits by simplifying and automating processes. With our software, companies can make their audit processes more effective and efficient without having to spend time on manual tasks.

An intuitive user interface allows you to quickly access information and visualize your results quickly and easily via the audit dashboard.

In addition, our system provides a high level of data security and protection against cyber-attacks. Comprehensive identity and authentication features ensure that only authorized individuals can access sensitive data. All data protection measures are in line with applicable European directives and regulations.


From the creation of the audit to the dispatch of an automated audit plan – simple and efficient.


Document audits according to original ISO texts and requirements – images, risk assessment and structured analysis included.


Create and distribute audit report and action plan in less than 10 seconds – promised!


Discuss results with your management in their language with our unique business analytics – audit scorecard instead of lots of paper

Audits are Fun again

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Audit Balance

 also known by

one step ahead


Up-to-date authentication options (SingleSignOn) for every business, keeping you and your business secure.


Openness and transparency as core values, that’s why we offer you an API to Owlytic on request.


We offer custom integrations so you have the best for your work.

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