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A tool for auditors,
the Benchmark 
Audit platform

Owlytic Audit is a scalable SaaS platform that adapts to any size of organization. Start making the best decisions now.

Benchmark Audit Platform

The best decisions
for entrepreneurs
with vision

Business analytics translate audit results into understandable facts at the touch of a finger. No more endless texts – you now identify risks and opportunities at a glance.

Audit Scorecard

With the Audit Scorecard, you can identify opportunities and risks at a glance. Put an end to hundreds of pages of text that contain no key messages.


With the help of our integrated analytics, you get full transparency down to the process owner level with the help of dashboards.


Quick communication of results to stakeholders, directly and without detours.

Eye level

Communicate with all audit participants in a way that is understandable and based on numbers, data and facts. Put an end to gut feelings.


The current status of your audit can be viewed and evaluated at any time.


Face certifications calmly – less stress and more transparency

Audits easy? Easy!
From start to finish!

It has never been easier to perform an audit. Our smart software supports you as an auditor in every single step and makes your work efficient and effective.

Handwriting detection

Your handwriting is recognized on the Ipad. So you document faster than ever before.

Online and Offline

We offer you online and offline functionalities for your audit. You focus on the audit, we take care of the rest.

Voice detection

Dictate your texts instead of writing them. We take care of the rest.

Translation Service

Translate your documentation directly into all world languages – GDPR compliant and unique on the market.

One Click Report

Create your audit report in less than 3 seconds. No more rework.

Cloud storage

In the cloud, all your data always remains available, no matter where you are. Even if your device has an accident, safety first for your data.

All Management Systems
in one App

ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001 and more

All sets of regulatory requirements licensed and always up-to-date via our SaaS solution. Additionally, own questionnaires can be created for further internal audits or checks.

Supply Chain
 one system for all

With our software, you can conduct audits in the supply chain just as easily as in your own company. Your suppliers work seamlessly with you via our platform.

SaaS for IT Administrators

Cloud based
easy for your IT

Cloud software helps you to access your application and data anytime and from anywhere. Your IT is also relieved, because we take care of the operation and updates.

End to End

Your data is encrypted with us state of the art. For this we use an AES-256Bit technology. Our cloud provider is ISO 27001 certified.

Benchmark Audit Platform
you and your team will love


Conduct audits together. This way you can train colleagues or save even more time.


All open tasks of your performed audits are always at hand. Export reports and more in seconds.


With us you are up to 60% more efficient, finally you have time for the important things!

Action Distribution

Distribute all open actions to process owners at the touch of a finger. Action tracking and response also remains in your control within the app.

Audit Manager

Schedule all audits centrally and distribute them to auditors in seconds. Full flexibility for you.

Cloud Storage

In the cloud, all your data always remains available, no matter where you are. Even if your device has an accident, safety first for your data.

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