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8D Tool

Problem Solving – on a new level

Maximize your performance with Owlytic 8D! Use the power of AI and digitalization to accelerate your problem solving and achieve sustainable results, whether external or internal event. Stop reacting and start planning proactively. Benefit from easier team collaboration and maximize your effectiveness.

Problem Solving – on a new level

More than 1000 worldwide users trust

Poorly solved problems quickly become expensive and dangerous

The chance of recurring problems increases if the general conditions are unfavorable.

Transparent teamwork should not be an obstacle to this. So why take a high risk? With Owlytic 8D, you get a tool that saves valuable time, guides you and your team step by step and follows a completely transparent process. We integrated the power of artificial intelligence into the software to make you work as easy as possible.

Problem Solving – on a new level

An 8D tool that is so intuitive,
that it is fun to work with

It has never been easier to create an 8D. Our smart software supports you every step of the way and makes your work efficient and effective. Problem Solving – on a new level

Problem Solving

A fully digital workflow for 8D processing. Your analyses are automatically transferred to Ishikawa. Measures are derived in a structured manner.


Seamless and limitless. Collaborate with team members via a shared platform. Assign tasks to team members and maintain transparency at all times.

Reduce Risks

With the help of the transparent workflow, you and the team can work efficiently to solve problems. The always transparent workflow makes open issues visible before they become a problem.

Eliminate Data silos

All your data and documents related to a problem solution are stored in a single knowledge source within a workflow. No more switching between spreadsheets and folders to get the information you need.

Problem solving does
not be a nuisance

Our tool is user-friendly and specially designed for the industry.

  • Simply assign tasks

    You can intuitively select team members within the company and assign individual tasks. Owlytic takes care of informing your colleagues.

  • Automated

    Ishikawa and the creation of a report are fully automated. You concentrate on solving the problem, Owlytic takes care of the rest.

  • Check and Release

    Bring your problem-solving team together to perform the review and final confirmations.

  • Document transparency

    All your documents for a problem solution are in one central location. This helps you and your colleagues and helps you to always be compliant.

Get to know Owlytic 8D now

All the advantages for you and your company, no credit card required and you can get started within 24 hours.


We offer our customers completely free access to the basic version until further notice.

60% savings

Average time savings for our customers through digitalization of the workflow.

100% satisified

Our customers are world champions in customer satisfaction.

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