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Audit Software
Key to Successful Audits: Digitization

Audit Software: The Key to Audit Success

Discover how Owlytic’s audit software can help your organization successfully and efficiently conduct audits. Our site provides you with extensive information on how the software is used in the industry, as well as information on ISO standards. Also, learn how our audit software can help you conduct and monitor audits. Owlytic is the tool for successful auditors.

Owlytic Audit

  • Standards (ISO)
    9001, 13485, MDSAP, 14001, 27001, 45001, 50001
  • Compliance
    Up-to-date and licensed
  • Own contents
    Can be integrated in seconds
  • Templates
    Questionnaires and potential analyses
  • Implementation
    Online and Offline
  • Applicable for
    Internal and external audits

Auditors Tool

Owlytic is a tool like auditors have always wanted. The software maps the audit process in the form of a PDCA cycle. Owlytic Audit takes over annoying and recurring tasks, which not only saves time but also nerves. This includes, for example, planning the audit and creating and distributing an agenda.

In the audit, you can fully concentrate on your task, the software supports you with extracted requirements from the regulations, which you can use to orient your conversation. With the help of handwriting recognition, you can document in no time at all, and the integrated evaluation helps you to map the risk.

You start the final discussion relaxed, because your results are already summarized and our business analytics support the participants to understand the results in a business context.

The action plan and report are created just by a blink of an eye – that’s how audit works today!

Selection of Supported Management Systems

ISO 9001

Performing ISO 9001 system audits based on business processes.

ISO 13485

Perform medical technology quality management according to ISO 13485.

ISO 14001

Perform ISO 14001 system audits based on business processes.

ISO 27001

Conduct information security audits in accordance with ISO 27001.

Additional Medical Regulatory Affairs


Conduct and evaluate audits in accordance with Medical Device Single Audit Program rules. 

Audit Software

A Selection of Benefits
Person bereitet mit Owlytic ein Audit vor


From the creation of the audit to the dispatch of an automated audit plan – simple and efficient.


Document audits according to original ISO texts and requirements – images, risk assessment and structured analysis included.

Erstellung eines Audit Report mit Owlytic Audit


Create and distribute audit report and action plan in less than 10 seconds – promised!


Discuss results with your management in their language with our unique business analytics – audit scorecard instead of lots of paper

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Owlytic Audit

This is how audit works today!

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